Bulk Messaging Platform
Bulk Messaging Tool provides web based bulk SMS/MMS messaging for network operators and service providers. It consists of Bulk Messaging Tool Application itself and Messaging Gateway.

Many companies need to reach their customers periodically and/or at special occasions for various reasons. Sending breaking news, warnings or reminders, details of credit card statements (due date and amount), bills, promotions and advertisements, greeting messages for special days (birthdays, anniversaries), animated greeting messages, cartoons, screen savers are just some of the examples.

Bulk Messaging Tool is a real-time, advanced and secure messaging tool. It provides bulk SMS/MMS services over the web for corporations like banks, insurance companies, consumer finance institutions and card issuing retailers, civil and governmental organizations, institutions, entertainment companies, service providers, manufacturers, distributors, agencies, advertisement companies, commercial chambers, associations, travel agencies, private clubs and many others. Thus, they can reach many people at the same time.

Bulk SMS/MMS streaming GSM features:
  • Delivery reports
  • Concatenated messages
  • Unicode
  • Alpha
  • Numeric or dynamic sender ID
  • Binary
  • Flash
  • Pictures
  • Logos
  • Ringtones and WAP bookmarks
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