Regardless of operators DATA coverage, subscribers will have access to Internet from everywhere. Intellic’s eSMS platform provides various messaging instruments for subscribers, resulting in fast, cost effective and convenient mode of communication anywhere. These platforms provide the subscribers the following opportunities;

  • SMS 2 EMAIL - subscribers will be able to send e-mails just like sending SMS.
  • EMAIL 2 SMS - users are able to send SMS via their e-mail accounts. By this opportunity, every subscriber will have an email account from the operator.

  • WEB SMS - users will be able to send SMS by logging onto the WEB SMS portal through a interface on the operator’s web site.

Benefits for service providers:
Technology benefits
  • Leads to increase the subscribers traffic and ARPU
  • User friendly and almost no cost attached in subscriber training
  • Customer Satisfaction by continuous connectivity
  • Ready to use service for subscribers
  • Strong brand differentiator
  • Attractive for business people
Benefits for subscribers:
  • The fastest way to send/receive emails when subscribers don’t have internet access
  • Convenient anywhere, anytime access
  • Inexpensive costs: Same like SMS Cost
  • Instant internet communication

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