Mobile Applications Development
Today, wireless networking is following in the footsteps of the Internet - and quickly catching up. Wireless applications are fast becoming the preferred mode of communication for people on the go. The remarkable technological breakthroughs that have taken place in the wireless networking domain have led to the emergence of thriving mobile communities that deliver content-rich applications for the high-end mobile devices that are now readily available.

Over the years, Intellic has undertaken extensive projects, empowering the wireless revolution with innovative solutions aimed at enhancing user experience. Armed with a thorough grounding in mobile community development, Intellic excels in providing secure and scalable communications platform for mobile applications over Bluetooth, GPRS, WLAN, GSM, 3G, SMS and MMS, greatly increasing the versatility and market reach of your network.

Mobile devices became pervasive objects as soon as people used mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs anywhere and at anytime. However, the design and implementation of mobile business applications is still not straightforward. Moreover, decision makers can't easily estimate the risk of a project due to the difficulties to compare the various capabilities of existing software platforms for mobile devices. Beside this, the design and implementation of user interfaces for mobile devices and applications is very different from what is done for desktop PCs due to the different form factors and context of use.

Our team of Mobile application development specialists produce economical solutions by isolating components in an application that hinder development, solve with effective and industry standard techniques. Harnessing the power that our experience brings we understand that building a productive mobile environment requires a skill base of both mainstream application development as well as the more unique handheld device application development. Intellic assures these skills and leads towards the new mobile environment.

Intellic delivers innovative wireless application development that cut costs, boost productivity, and generate new revenues for clients. These enterprise - not consumer - solutions empower mobile workers, suppliers, and customers with just the right information at precisely the right time. Intellic assists enterprises in extending their legacy or web-enabled applications to the wireless world. Intellic leverage expertise in the e-business space to provide robust, scalable, secure solutions to our customers. Our team has successfully developed applications for smart phones, pocket pc, PDA's. We have been doing quite a commendable job in developing entertainment and messaging solutions, content distribution applications, video and audio streaming applications.

Apart from that we offer many more solutions ranging from:
  • WAP and WML sites.
  • Mobile business applications.
  • Backup and Restore applications in mobile.
  • SMS gateways and SMS portals.
  • Porting solutions
  • Data Sync solutions
Our Technology expertise include:
  • Symbian series SDK
  • Windows mobile 5.0 SDK
  • XHTML and WML
  • Symbian C++
  • Embedded VC++
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