Network Infrastructure
In today's digital and network-centric environment, information has never been so plentiful or so easy to acquire. What's important now is not simply access, but the ability to manage information - to interpret, move, and manipulate vast amounts of data - to anticipate critical situations.

Intellic Network Infrastructure Solutions have built on and continue to leverage core network infrastructure services for our customers. Using proven design and implementation methodologies in conjunction with a broad experience of LAN and WAN infrastructure, Intellic provides best of breed network solutions.

Data networks have an increasing number of business critical systems to support so upgrading, optimizing or replacing them requires a partner with the appropriate technology specialization, solution vendors and understanding of the systems they support. A key strength for Intellic is an ability to integrate network solutions based on our other business skill sets, for example a network to support server consolidation.

Intellic has designed, developed, implemented and maintained numerous information management tools and systems. We develop solutions to enhance and Web-enable software applications in systems and network infrastructures, all to improve our clients' operational processes.

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