NIX & Microsoft Server Installation
Intellic’s server Installation service is a comprehensive service, covering every aspect of the implementation right up to network user training. From that point on, your entire network would need to keep performing as it did the day it was first installed.

Intellic Installation services offering for Information Server is an expert consulting service offering to ensure a seamless low risk approach to installing the Information Server product suite to support a larger project initiative.

Installation of any software product can prove to be both time consuming and costly if the right experience and knowledge is not leveraged to support it. Intellic Professional Services draws on years of deployment experience, proven methodologies, and standard practices to support a timely, reduced risk delivery of a successful product installation.

Intellic specialists are trained and certified to work in the field of installing and configuring the software to work in computer networks, namely:
  • Installing software to protect against attacks from the Internet;
  • Setting user workstations to work in the Internet:
    • Installation of proxy servers
    • Audit programs
    • The traffic spent by user while working in the Internet
    • Installation of various anti-virus software
    • Mail clients configuration
  • Installation and maintenance of various server operating systems
    • Windows 4.0 Server,
    • Windows 2000 Server,
    • Windows 2003 Server
  • Installing and configuring operating systems:
    • Linux
    • Free BSD
    • Debian
    • Slackware
    • Red Hat Linux
    • Ubuntu
    • Suse
    • Mandriva
    • Gentoo
  • Installing and configuring servers
    • The proxy server;
    • FTP server
    • DNS server;
    • Mail server;
  • Installation and maintenance of various user operating systems
    • MS-DOS
    • PC-DOS
    • Windows 98
    • Windows 98 SE
    • Windows 2000 Professional
    • Windows XP Home
    • Windows XP Professional
  • Installing and configuring all peripherals
    • Print servers and software to them;
    • Printers;
    • Scanners;
    • Removable disk drives;
  • Setting up of software for office mini PBX system, and turnkey installation of mini PBX
  • Maintenance of local computing systems and structured cabling systems;
  • Other types of intellectual works.
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