IT Infrastructure Services
Intellic IT Infrastructure services are tailored to meet your individual needs and environment. We don't just offer a pre-packaged response. We spend the time to ensure that the products and services we provide meet your needs every step of the way. As an experienced integrator, we work with many different companies, types of software, and toolsets. This results in a solution with the best combination of products for your needs, and the ability to leverage what you already have.

IT infrastructure affects every aspect of your organization. Effective management is crucial. High availability, responsiveness and adequacy are non-negotiable requirements of competitive corporations – and require specific expertise and know-how.

Intellic services is an IT business solutions provider with core capabilities in the design, delivery and support of IT infrastructure including operating environments, servers and networks, storage and applications. Project Management is also core deliverable.

Rapid response for business critical hardware, communications, operating software, data and cabling infrastructure is key to the performance of all businesses that rely on their IT infrastructure.

Intellic can analyze your existing networked IT infrastructure. Clearly picture the start of your journey to operational efficiency and identify the key challenges to transform your business.

Operational efficiency is difficult to achieve when your business runs on disparate, disconnected IT and communication networks. Efficiency comes from being able to manage your infrastructure, your IT and communication services, and the user experience in one end-to-end environment.

With Intellic you can migrate to a more flexible, responsive and cost-effective unified infrastructure for IT and communications. We provide the expert advice, technology, commercial flexibility and managed service experience needed to take care of even the most demanding networked environments. You can leverage our expertise in designing, delivering and managing an efficient infrastructure, to transform your operating environment.

Intellic can help you assess, test, plan and create a wider infrastructure model that examines:

Network infrastructure: LAN and WAN

Windows Network Infrastructure: IP addressing and Services, name resolution, network access, monitoring and managing.

Security infrastructure: network, application

IT infrastructure: IT, server, storage and applications.

Technology strategy: long-term technology and business goals.

Intellic can deliver the following results:
  • Gain a detailed technical understanding and action plan around a specific area of convergence.
  • Plan how to solve key business pain points.
  • Avoid expensive, time-consuming or risky networked IT projects.
  • Develop commercial justification for new initiatives.
  • Create the foundation for successful future strategies.
At the end of the IT Infrastructure design process you will have:

A detailed outlook: clear feasible options for deploying new products and solutions and an indication of how long the process is likely to take.

Straightforward directions: a roadmap of how you can effectively implement changes to your networked IT estate.

Part of a bigger design: this solution is part of the consolidation phase of Operational Efficiency proposition.

A worry-free journey: you can be reassured that we have the expertise, methods and reliability to introduce innovative capabilities.

Details about your destination: projections of how our operational efficiency portfolio can help your people improve the way they work.
Minimizing risk in new deployments
Deploying solutions based on inadequate information can jeopardize your estate and business. Investing in accurate upfront planning can minimize this risk and reduce operational costs. This does not have to involve unlimited and expensive consultancy hours. Short goal-oriented workshops and advanced reporting tools can deliver the necessary technical advice. So you can take decisive action for change with confidence.
Deliver a secure and robust IT infrastructure
Commerce increasingly depends on networks for information-sharing, messaging and collaboration. This often means more ‘points of exposure’ for viruses, hackers and spam. The growing number of complex regulations intensifies the need to protect your IT systems. It’s a balancing act providing necessary access to key applications and information, meeting compliance standards and actively managing user identities.

This environment demands active and passive network security to mitigate vulnerabilities. We offer a complete range of robust infrastructure solutions to help organizations rise to the challenge.

When you prepare for the unexpected, your business is more likely to continue operating in spite of accidents, natural disasters or organized threats. To do that you need to build resilience into the way you do business – addressing technology, processes and people.

Intellic will work with you to enable operational resilience across your organization. We start with advanced risk assessment services before designing and implementing effective business continuity strategies for even the most complex networked operating environments. You can leverage the experience and expertise of our security practice, and best-in-class solutions for high availability and disaster recovery, to protect your key assets and keep you running in the event of a crisis.
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