Voice SMS
Voice SMS is a convenient, fast and easy way to send an instant personalized Voice messages without need for the recipient to have an active voicemail box. The service is ideal for people who find typing a text difficult, time consuming or inconvenient.

Benefits for service providers:
Technology benefits
  • Intellic Voice SMS platform is simple to install and operate
  • No need in network upgrade
  • Works across all carrier networks and all SMS-enabled handsets
  • Works for both pre- and post- paid subscribers
  • No need for downloads and handset upgrade/purchase for consumers
  • Minimal end-user (consumer) training.
Financial benefits.

Ease and popularity guarantee rapid revenue generation;

New users: such as elderly people, less tech savvy mobile users.

New usage occasions: and as a result - increase in ARPU;

New services for business market: group messaging, mobile marketing, etc.
Benefits for subscribers:
More informative

Voice conveys more information than text, expressing emotion, inflection, and attitude. Hearing someone says or sing “Happy Birthday” is much more meaningful than seeing the words.

Multitasking ability.

Voice SMS is easier to send while multitasking, such as driving.

Available immediately.

Voice SMS does not require any specific settings or handset configuration

Phone/Language independent

Service is language independent and works on virtually any handset.

Less missed calls

100% call completion (Even Busy & No Answer)

Downloadable Voice messages

All incoming messages can be downloaded from the Internet as wav or mp3 files

Voice SMS through landline telephone

Service can be extended to conventional landlines to increase the coverage.
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